Cleaning Supplies and Maintenance

Cleaning Supplies and Maintenance



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Item: Blind Basket for Backflush 58mm

Price: $7.75 $6.75!

SKU/Part #: 211

Blind Basket for Backflushing

A must for an espresso machine with a manual or solenoid 3-way valve.

Fits E61 and other 58mm portafilters such as: Astoria, Bezzera, Brasilia, Conti, ECM,…

Item: Rubber Backflush Insert

Price: $4.00

SKU/Part #: 11679

Rubber Insert for Backflushing, a must for an espresso machine with a manual or 3-way solenoid valve. This insert is more economical then the 58mm metal blind basket yet more versatile since…

Item: Basket Remover Tool Puly Caff “Lifty”

Brand: Puly Caff

Price: $9.95 $8.95!

SKU/Part #: 50590

This tool is designed by Asachimici (producer of Puly Caff products) to easily remove a portafilter basket.

Introductory price. Portafilter and basket not included.

Item: Espresso Machine Grouphead Cleaning Brush

Price: $4.75 $4.00!

SKU/Part #: 8977

Espresso Machine Grouphead Brush

Coffee residues from the brewing process will eventually build up on the grouphead gasket leading to leakage and premature wear. The angled head of this…

Item: Espresso Machine Grouphead Brush New Style

Price: $6.00

SKU/Part #: 701038/N

“New Style” Espresso Machine Grouphead Brush

2cm longer then the traditional type.

Coffee residues from the portafilter will eventually build up on the grouphead gasket, which can…

Item: RATTLEWARE Espresso Machine Grouphead Brush

Price: $7.95 $7.00!

SKU/Part #: 31010

Espresso Machine Cleaning Brush is designed to prevent hot water or coffee residues from falling on your hand and keep fingers safe.

Bristle length: 1in./ 2.5cm

Handle length: 7.75in./ 19.7cm

Item: CAFELAT Espresso Machine Grouphead Brush

Brand: Cafelat

Price: $16.50

SKU/Part #: 61080

CAFELAT Espresso Machine Grouphead Brush.

The patented Cafelat cleaning brush is designed to clean your espresso machine grouphead, especially those hard-to-reach areas around the gasket.…

Item: CAFELAT Replacement Brushes

Brand: Cafelat

Price: $12.95

SKU/Part #: 61081

Replacement brushes for the Cafelat Grouphead Brush.

Three set (Six Brushes).

Item: Baratza Grinder Cleaning Brush

Brand: Baratza

Price: $3.00

SKU/Part #: V-6212

Baratza Grinder Cleaning Brush

Item: Puly Caff 20gr Espresso Detergent

Brand: Puly Caff

Price: $1.95

SKU/Part #: 50520

Puly Caff - One 20 gram Packet

Buy 10 packets and one is free!

NSF Certified, 90% Biodegradable

Puly Caff Plus is simply the most advanced espresso machine cleaning product in the…

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