Drawing B Rancilio Silvia M

Rancilio Silvia M Drawing B

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Drawing B Rancilio Silvia M

Item: Rancilio Solenoid Valve Drain Extension

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $9.75

SKU/Part #: 38123077-10090002

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 1

​Grouphead Solenoid Valve Drain Extension

Updated part number: 10090002

Fits: Commercial and Home Unit Rancilio models

Note: The brass fitting 23214028 is no longer needed when…

Item: Rancilio Silvia Sirai 3-Way Solenoid Valve 115V

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $69.95

SKU/Part #: 34040150

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 2

Sirai 3-Way Solenoid Valve 115V

Coil ZA32A

V115-120 hz 60 va17

Two (2) O-Rings included

This Valve replaces 34040107 for Rancilio Silvias.

Item: Rancilio Silvia Lower Boiler/Grouphead

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $198.95

SKU/Part #: 20103021-20103022

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 4

​Rancilio Silvia Group Body, Solid Brass

Also called Bottom Half of the Boiler

Front Screw and Copper Gasket NOT included.

NOTE: This part is for the Silvia Version 3 and later,…

Item: Rancilio Silvia Grouphead Cover 06

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $34.95

SKU/Part #: 38123549

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 5

​Grouphead Cover

Chromed Plastic
Fits: Silvias built since 2006.

Note: On the inside of these covers (not visible once installed), the “chroming” is inconsistent. This is not…

Item: Rancilio Silvia Grouphead Diffuser Since 06

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $44.95

SKU/Part #: 20200181

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 6

​Rancilio Silvia Grouphead Diffuser Since 2006

This part was integrated with the group body (not removable/replaceable) on machines built before or around 2006.

NOTE: These diffusers…

Item: Rancilio Silvia Grouphead Solenoid Valve 115v

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $69.95

SKU/Part #: 34040107

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 2

Replaced by 34040150

​3-Way Solenoid Valve

Parker 115V UL

Two (2) o-ring included

Out of Stock

Item: Rancilio Silvia Grouphead Gasket Soft

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $6.00 $4.95!

SKU/Part #: 36301030

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 7

​Silvia Grouphead Gasket

Original Rancilio softer compound. We also carry a firmer version which would be appropriate to use in groupheads where the inserted portafilter travels farther…

Item: Rancilio Grouphead Jet Breaker

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $7.95

SKU/Part #: 25139001

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 8

​Rancilio Grouphead Jet Breaker

Located inside the grouphead above the Shower Screen

Fits: Commercial and Home Unit Rancilio Models

Item: Rancilio Shower Screen

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $6.95

SKU/Part #: 40200005

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 9

​Rancilio Silvia Shower Screen

Also called Dispersion Screen
Fits: All versions of Rancilio Silvia and Commercial Line.

Item: Rancilio Shower Screen Screw Countersunk

Price: $1.95

SKU/Part #: Ran-GHSc

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 10

Rancilio Shower Screen Screw Countersunk

Stainless Steel

NOTE: As this screw is further recessed than the original bolt-head screw, we recommend removing and cleaning the grouphead…