Drawing C Rancilio Silvia M

Rancilio Silvia M Drawing C

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Drawing C Rancilio Silvia M

Item: Rancilio Silvia Pre-Cut Silicone Hose

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $6.00

SKU/Part #: 38228002

Schematic: drawing-c-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 1

​Pre Cut Silicone Hose (quantity 1)
for Rancilio Silva and other models
9mm x 6mm x 2 feet
NOTE: Each machine uses two (2) hoses; one is the inlet hose, and the other is the bypass-return hose.

Item: Rancilio Silvia Silicone Hose Clamp

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $1.50

SKU/Part #: 39930007

​Clamp for silicone hose

Item: Rancilio Silvia Braided Hose Kit

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $19.95

SKU/Part #: Silvia-Hose-Kit

Schematic: drawing-c-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 2

​Braided Hose Kit, Pump to Valve

The manufacturer installed this braided hose on Silvias manufactured from 2008 on, although it can also be used to upgrade pre-2008 Silvias.

Item: Rancilio Silvia Teflon Tubing

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $4.45

SKU/Part #: 38228060

​Rancilio Silvia Teflon Tubing

This tubing is found on older versions of the Silvia, located between the pump and the boiler intake (through the OPV body). It was eventually replaced…

Item: Rancilio Silvia Brass Fitting for Teflon Hose

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $4.95

SKU/Part #: 69000067

Rancilio Silvia ​Brass compression fitting for “self-forming” teflon hose

Fits: All Silvia models with a Teflon Hose from pump to boiler.

1/8M to “push in” forming teflon 6x4mm

Item: Rancilio Silvia Teflon Hose Nut

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $1.50

SKU/Part #: 23212013

​Rancilio Silvia Brass Nut for teflon hose

Item: Rancilio Silvia Thermostat Brew/Coffee 100c

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $11.98

SKU/Part #: 34200296 - 34200059

Schematic: drawing-c-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 3

Rancilio Silvia ​Brew/Coffee Thermostat 100c

Located on the top left of the boiler

Note: Replacement for older part number 34200059

Item: Rancilio Silvia Thermostat Steam 140c

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $12.00

SKU/Part #: 34200295 - 34200055

Schematic: drawing-c-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 4

Rancilio Silvia ​Steam Thermostat 140c

Located on the top right of the boiler

Note: Replacement for older part number 34200055.

Item: Rancilio Silvia Thermostat Screw

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $0.95

SKU/Part #: 37030305

Rancilio Silvia ​Thermostat Screw

Needs three to replace them all.

NOTE: We stock 2 different style of heads of these screws, for flat blade screwdriver and for Phillip,

if you have…

Item: Rancilio Silvia Steam Valve Toothed Washer

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $1.00

SKU/Part #: 37431400

Schematic: drawing-c-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 7

​Washer Steam Valve to Frame