Electronics / Control Boxes

Electronic components such as control boxes, relays, dose pads, and associated parts.

Electronics / Control Boxes



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Item: Control Box Gicar NRL30/ 1E/2C/F

Brand: Gicar

Price: $159.95

SKU/Part #: 6907.50

Control Box Gicar NRL30/1E-2C/F

Codice 115V (7 Connectors)

considered the most common control box found in many brands and models of semiautomatic espresso machines.

Item: Bezzera & Pasquini LIVIA Control Box

Brand: Gicar

Price: $179.95

SKU/Part #: 50102

Control Box for Bezzera & Pasquini LIVIA

Codice: 115V

GICAR RL30/4ESS/F (9 Connectors)

NOTE: This Control Box is for the Semi-Auto Version ( Manual Switch to start and…

Item: Bezzera & Pasquini LIVIA Control Box for DOSE PAD Versions

Brand: Gicar

Price: $285.00

SKU/Part #: 50103

Control Box Bezzera Pasquini LIVIAs w/dose pad

Codice 115V

GICAR RL30 3L/S.T. (12 Connectors plus ribbon Connectors with 16 pins)

NOTE: This Control Box is for the…

Item: ECM Giotto (and Fiorenzato Bricoletta) Control Box 1

Brand: Gicar

Price: $215.00

SKU/Part #: 70090

​ECM Giotto Control Box 1

This GICAR 115v control box is FINALLY available.

RL 30 MICRO ST SAFETY PUMP (9 Connectors)

According to customers feedback, this box it’s…

Item: ECM Giotto Control Box 2

Brand: Gicar

Price: $215.00

SKU/Part #: 70090.10

ECM Control Box 2

Gicar 115V

Dosatura Manuale Deluxe 1GRCZ Press (15 Connectors)

Note: If none of the 3 ECM control box options match the existing control box on…

Item: ECM Giotto Control Box 3

Brand: Giemme

Price: $175.95

SKU/Part #: 50104

ECM Control Box 3

Giemme RL1-1E/3C/F 115V (8 Connectors)

Note: If none of the 3 ECM control box options match the existing control box on your machine, and your original control box…

Item: Control Box Cover for Gicar and Giemme

Brand: Isomac

Price: $7.95

SKU/Part #: 0619

​Plastic Protector for Standard size Giemme and Gicar Autofill/Control Box

Open end 112mm x 51mm

Closed end 100mm x 48mm

Depth 80mm

Item: Elektra Sixties Control Box 115V 1 Group 2011 to present

Brand: Elektra

Price: $298.95

SKU/Part #: 03661034

Elektra Sixties 1Gr. Control Box 115V


ONE Group Sixties built from 2011 to present, as well as Elektra T1 and GL1 built between 2010-2011.

NOTE: Battery protection cover needs…

Item: Control Box Dose Pad 5 Buttons 115V , Adaptable Elektra

Brand: Gicar

Price: $295.00

SKU/Part #: 70050.110

Control Box ​Dose Pad 5 Buttons 115V


This is the exact same control box as 00385035 (Discontinued) except that it does not have the Elektra face plate.…

Item: Elektra Dose Pad 5 Buttons, 115V

Brand: Elektra

Price: $0.00

SKU/Part #: 00385035

​Five Buttons Dose Pad/Control Box, 115V

Fits: Machines built before or around 1997

DISCONTINUED see alternative here

Out of Stock

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