Item: Burrs for Super Jolly DURA-MILL

Brand: Ital-Mill

Price: $64.95

SKU/Part #: 60510

​Grinder Burrs for Mazzer Super Jolly Dura Mill also called Duranium

Special steel burrs last 70% longer then standard metal. (click here for manufacture specs)
They also work faster, as well as run cooler and cleaner to grind the same amount of coffee.

The grinding burrs of the line called FOOD FRIENDLY
guarantee a lifespan longer than the average, and they eliminate almost
completely any contamination of the ground coffee. They are
manufactured through a special heat treatment patented by Italmill
Grinding Technology.

Fits: Mazzer Super Jolly
PLEASE NOTE: It is common for burrs to have “spots” of oxidization from exposure to air; this does not mean that the burrs are used or inferior in quality in any way.

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