Item: Elektra Microcasa a Leva Double Basket 49mm

Brand: Elektra

Price: $10.25

SKU/Part #: 00163035

​Double Basket for Elektra Microcasa a Leva.


  • Microcasa LEVA machines made Since 1982.
  • All model 67 Olympia Creminas

NOTE: This Basket will also fit SOME Pre-Millennium La Pavoni Lever machine portafilters, but not all. The diameter is the same, but please measure the depth of the inside wall your portafilter before ordering. This basket is 3mm deeper than the original Pavoni P-68. It is 26mm tall including the rim, and 24mm without the rim. Your Pavoni portafilter needs to be at least 25mm on the inside depth for this basket to fit.

Schematic: drawing-b-microcasa-leva

Position: 24

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