Item: In-Tank Water Softener Pouch OSCAR

Brand: Bilt

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In-Tank Water Softener Pouch

Made in Italy by Bilt.

Introducing the “O.SCA.R. 90,” an innovative “in-tank softener” for water reservoirs, produced by Bilt, an Italian leader on water treatment. (Note that this product is also re-branded and sold under other names, including espresso machine manufacturers.)

Using ionic exchange (the calcium and magnesium ions in your water are literally exchanged with sodium ions), the OSCAR 90 will help slow the production of scale inside espresso machine components. In addition to calcium and magnesium, this product also helps with other heavy metals.

To use, simply remove the protective foil packaging, rinse with cold water, and set the pouch in the bottom of a clean, empty water reservoir. Fill the reservoir to the desired level. Works best on reservoirs up to 2 liters with openings large enough to easily insert and remove the pouch.

The manufacturer recommends replacing at least every 12 months. To gauge if you’ll need to replace it more often, test your water for PPM and use the following manufacturer’s guidelines:

  • 5 grains/90 ppm - 450 liters/119 gallons
  • 10 grains/180 ppm - 225 liters or 60 gallons
  • 15 grains/270 ppm - 150 liters or 30 gallons
  • 26 grains/450 ppm - 90 liters or 24 gallons


  • Size: 100mm x 120mm x 10mm
  • 150 micron
  • Works best on 1 to 2 liter reservoirs with openings large enough to easily insert and remove the pouch
  • FDA Certified
  • Working temperature: 5C to 40C

Please note:

  • this product cannot be regenerated
  • manufacturer recommends replacing at least once every 12 months (more often may be necessary - see above guidelines)
  • this packet will not fit in all reservoirs - you’ll need to have an opening large enough to easily insert and remove the packet, so it is not compatible with reservoirs that have only small openings for the hose(s)
  • performs best with a full reservoir

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