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La Pavoni Boiler Flange Removal Tool

Custom made by our local machinist.

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  1. The basic tool that will fit either the P-6 brass flange or the plastic flange that accommodate the bolt-on elements (see top row images below).
  2. The “combo” tool, which is the basic tool + the add-on plate that will fit the older pre-1978 screw-in element.

Another addition to the tool we offer is a wrench adapter with a hex head that securely adheres to the top of the tool and allows you to use a 3/4” socket to remove stubborn elements/flanges.

If you do not purchase the wrench adapter, you will need to provide your own 1/2” bar (or large screwdriver).

This tool has an 80mm clearance between the pins, and it is designed to work with plastic flanges, brass* flanges, and our own P-6F aftermarket flange (to retrofit new heating elements onto older machines with fine-threaded boilers). It will NOT work for the very old pot metal flange (see image below).

* Note: Although we have never seen one, we have heard that some old brass flanges have a smaller outside diameter than the current P-6. Each threaded “ear” on the P-6 measure 14mm from the outside to inside edge (widest part), and the widest distance between 2 ears is 93mm. If yours measures smaller, then we cannot guarantee that this tool will fit properly.

Important considerations: the plastic flange itself is no longer available. Therefore, if it breaks during removal or installation, you’ll need to upgrade to the brass flange.

Pavoni Flange Comparison

Pavoni Flange Comparison

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