Item: La Pavoni Portafilter for PRE-Millennium Lever Machine

Brand: La Pavoni

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La Pavoni Portafilter for PRE-Millennium Lever Machine

Made in Italy

Fits: All the Europiccola and Professionale models made before the year 2000. We refer to this as a 49mm portafilter (basket’s inside diameter), and it fits a 49mm tamper.

This portafilter is COMPLETE with:

  • Portafilter Body with a groove for the clip to hold the basket in place
  • Double Mini Spout
  • Portafilter Clip
  • Double Basket
  • Bolt stock 12mm
  • 12mm Handle (Handle shape is the same as the Elektra MC Leva, but a Pavoni P-74 can be purchased separately to easily replace it if you prefer.)

NOTE: This portafilter also works on Elektra MC Leva Groupheads

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