Item: Pressure Gauge Adapter Type 1 for Older Machines

Price: $34.25

SKU/Part #: Pav-T1/12

​​Finally an adapter that allows you to install a pressure gauge on a EUROPICCOLA.

This Stainless Steel pressure gauge adapter is made by a local Oregon machinist, and it is designed specifically for machines manufactured before the mid-1990s. In general, the machines with the metal sight glass tube cover. Again: older models ONLY with metal sight glass guards.

Diameter of male thread: 12mm (female 11 mm)

Teflon gasket included (to place between the sight glass assembly and the adapter). You may need Teflon tape between the adapter and the gauge to achieve a leak-free seal with the gauge facing forward. We have 1/4” wide Teflon tape available, which is narrower than the width commonly found in hardware stores.

Note: Pavonis have been manufactured for many years with numerous modifications along the way. The above information is only a guideline to help you choose which adapter will fit your unit. The best way is to make sure the hole diameter measures 11 mm.

Schematic: la-pavoni-drawing-2

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