Item: Pressurestat Jaeger for Espresso Machine

Brand: Vibiemme

Price: $99.95 $79.95!

SKU/Part #: Eletpredomsu

Pressurestat Jaeger 1/4 BSP fitting

Originally mounted on ​Vibiemme / VBM DB (current temperature sensor version)


This pressurestat is considered an upgrade and superior in quality than any other “small” pressurestats.

Due to a large quantity purchase, we can now offer this item at a discounted price.


  • Vibiemme Junior
  • Vibiemme Double Boiler 2011 version
  • and many more

Schematic: drawing-c-interior-components

Position: 3

Schematic: elettric-manual-double-boiler

Position: 14

Schematic: elettrics-elettronic-double-boiler

Position: 6

Schematic: vibiemme-domobar-2b-since-2011-electric

Position: 5

Schematic: water-circuit-double-boiler

Position: 15

Schematic: water-circuit-junior-heating-exchanger

Position: 19

Schematic: elettronics-junior-heating-exchanger

Position: 17

Schematic: water-circuit-junior-double-boiler

Position: 16

Schematic: elettronics-junior-double-boiler

Position: 14

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