Item: Puly Milk Wand and Frother Cleaner

Brand: Puly Caff

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Puly Milk was the first product designed to clean milk frothing systems to be listed with NSF for use in espresso machines for in place cleaning. It was also the first single stage cleaning system to remove both calcium and fat deposits from steam wands, pitchers and frothers on contact, as well as the first to use the self portioning dispenser bottle (a special shout out to everyone who flattered Puly Milk by their imitation).

Using foaming agents similar to those in Puly Caff insures that all surfaces contacted by foamed milk are also reached by the cleaning agents in Puly Milk. Its easy to see the foaming action at work and just as easy to see when it’s finished. Nothing cleans more effectively nor rinses as cleanly as Puly Milk.

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