Item: Rancilio Silvia Steam Wand Kit 08

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $29.95

SKU/Part #: Silvia-ST-WA-KIT 08

‚ÄčThis kit includes all the necessary parts for replacing the Steam Wand:

Complete Wand with one hole tip (as pictured with tip and anti-burn cover) Wand Nut, Spring, Spring Seat and Teflon Gasket

Fits: Version 3 Steam Valves (upgraded around 2008)
NOTE: This wand does not fit pre-2008 Silvia valves. However, you can upgrade a pre-2008, non-swiveling wand to the Version 3 swivel wand by replacing the complete valve.

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-pre-2007

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