Item: Vibiemme OPV Kit

Brand: Vibiemme

Price: $9.95

SKU/Part #: VBM-OPV-Kit

​Vibiemme Over Pressure Valve Kit

All the necessary parts to rebuild your Vibiemme Over Pressure Valve:

  • Haynes Grease (1)
  • Spring (1)
  • O-Ring (1)
  • Silicone Closing Gasket (1)

NOTE: This OPV Kit will not fit machines with the smaller OPV valve (50mm Tall x 35mm Wide), such as DOMOBAR SUPERS built until or around 2005 (with red switches instead of the newer style 2-way switch), and DOMOBAR Single Stage Boilers built until or around 2013.

The newer OPV is 64mm long.

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