La Pavoni Non-Lever Machines

This list includes parts for home-use, non-lever (pump-driven) La Pavoni machines, such as the Napolitana, Gran Caffe, Pisa, Espresso Si, Cellini, Caffe Portofino, Club Combo, Duet, & Fresco. Not all parts fit all machines, so please read the descriptions carefully.

Some of Pavoni's home-unit, pump-driven machines are manufactured by Saeco, so we recommend also checking our Saeco listing.

La Pavoni Non-Lever Machines

Item: Grouphead Gasket La Pavoni Napolitana

Brand: La Pavoni

Price: $9.95

SKU/Part #: MC-047

Grouphead Gasket for La Pavoni NAPOLITANA


NOTE: This gasket was recently replaced by the manufacture and it is now in Neutral Silicone.

Item: Isomac Conical Burrs

Brand: Isomac

Price: $59.75

SKU/Part #: 0437

Schematic: isomac-gran-macinino

Position: 4, 11

​Conical Burrs for Isomac Grinder


  • Isomac Granmacinino
  • Isomac Professionale
  • La Pavoni Napolitana (Home machine with built in Grinder)

PLEASE NOTE: It is common…

Item: Isomac Venus Pre-2011 Shower Screen

Brand: Isomac

Price: $9.95

SKU/Part #: 0510-MC0137

Schematic: isomac-venus

Position: 48

​Isomac Grouphead Showerscreen

Fits: PRE-2011 Venus

also La Pavoni Napolitana

Item: Ulka Vibrating Pump 41W 115V

Brand: Ulka

Price: $49.95

SKU/Part #: 1645-41w

Schematic: drawing-a-miniverticale

Position: 17

Schematic: starbucks-barista-drawing-2

Position: 56

Schematic: drawing-a-nivola

Position: 53

Schematic: saeco-starbucks-via-venezia-internal-parts

Position: 57

​Ulka Vibrating Pump

120v 60Hz
Model E Type EX5 1/1min.
BRASS Straight Fitting 1/8BSP
Fits: Many home unit machines.
Please Note: This Item is tested by the manufacturer with…

Item: Isomac Cappuccina-Giada Shower Screen

Brand: Isomac

Price: $10.95

SKU/Part #: 0329

Schematic: isomac-giada

Position: 44

​Isomac Grouphead Shower Screen


  • Brio
  • Cappuccina
  • Giada Pre-2011
  • Viper

This Showerscreen Fits also La Pavoni Club Combo.

Item: La Pavoni Napolitana Double Basket 57mm

Brand: La Pavoni

Price: $11.95

SKU/Part #: MC-002

La Pavoni Napolitana Double Basket

Item: La Pavoni “SI” ON/OFF Main Power Switch

Brand: La Pavoni

Price: $21.95

SKU/Part #: P-163

La Pavoni “SI” ON/OFF Main Power Switch

Double Pole (Four Terminals)

16A 250V Rated


  • La Pavoni PA-16
  • La Pavoni PL-16
  • La Pavoni PAB-16

NOTE: This switch is…

Item: La Pavoni “SI” BREW Switch

Price: $21.95

SKU/Part #: P-162

La Pavoni “SI” BREW Switch

Four Terminals, although some earlier versions had three. (if so in the comment section during check out ask for the proper wiring instructions)

16A 250V…

Item: La Pavoni “SI” STEAM Switch

Brand: La Pavoni

Price: $21.95

SKU/Part #: P-160

La Pavoni “SI” STEAM Switch

Three Terminals.

16A 250V Rated

NOTE: This switch is smaller (19x13mm) from standard espresso machine size switches.

  • La Pavoni PA-16
  • La…