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Item: Bottomless Portafilter Original Rancilio

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $64.95

SKU/Part #: 10071003

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 11

​Portafilter Bottomless Original Rancilio

Also called “naked” portafilter.
This item is factory cut, has a finished chromed edge and comes with 21 grams triple basket.


Item: Rancilio Portafilter Double

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $59.95

SKU/Part #: 10071137 - 10071022

​Rancilio Double Portafilter

Fits: Commercial Rancilio Models


  • Handle Assembly
  • Portafilter Body
  • Double Commercial Open Spout
  • Clip

Does NOT include a Basket

Item: Rancilio Grouphead Gasket

Price: $6.00

SKU/Part #: 2622

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 7

​Grouphead Gasket

This grouphead gasket is made with a firmer compound than the original soft gasket and would be appropriate to use in groupheads where the inserted portafilter travels…

Item: Rancilio Grouphead Gasket Redesigned 2013

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $5.95

SKU/Part #: 36301046

​Grouphead Gasket Rancilio Redesigned in 2013

Commercial Line.

This “Improved” Grouphead gasket is the same size as previous versions, but the compound is harder. According to…

Item: CAFELAT Silicone Grouphead Gasket Rancilio GREEN

Brand: Cafelat

Price: $7.95 $5.95!

SKU/Part #: 61005

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 7

CAFELAT Silicone Grouphead Gasket Rancilio GREEN

Please note that although the gaskets are strong under compression, you should never use a sharp tool like a screwdriver to install them.…

Item: Rancilio Shower Screen

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $6.95

SKU/Part #: 40200005

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 9

​Rancilio Silvia Shower Screen

Also called Dispersion Screen
Fits: All versions of Rancilio Silvia and Commercial Line.

Item: Rancilio Silvia POD Kit

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $109.95 $70.00!

SKU/Part #: 10705403

​Silvia POD Kit

This kit contains everything you need to covert to pods use and comes with an installation booklet.

Fits: Any 2006 and newer Rancilio models with removable diffuser disk

Item: Rancilio Teflon Gasket for POD Kit

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $1.00

SKU/Part #: 23000062

Rancilio Teflon Gasket for POD Kit

TWO (2) are needed per each POD kit

Item: Rancilio Steam Valve Anti-Vacuum Kit

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $14.95

SKU/Part #: 10705180

Rancilio Steam Valve Anti-Vacuum KIT

This kit fits the newer style Steam Valve and it’s only for the anti-suction (anti-vacuum valve) portion of the valve.

NOTE: This is not a Boiler…

Item: Rancilio Steam/Hot Water Valve Rebuild Kit

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $18.00

SKU/Part #: 99skit-sv

​Rancilio Steam/Hot Water Valve Rebuild Kit

for Commercial Machine, Not home units

Fits: “Modern Style” valves ONLY

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