This policy only covers orders and shipments within the boundaries of the continental United States. This policy does not cover domestic shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico; international shipments; APO/FPO shipments; shipments made within the continental United States and brought/shipped outside the United States by the customer or one of his/her agents; or shipments made outside the continental United States. Shipments damaged in transit are not covered by this policy.To increase your customer satisfaction, most household and commercial equipment is tested either in the country of manufacture, the importer’s location, and/or at our location. Please contact us to determine if the problem is operator error or an actual problem.

Customer is responsible for all shipping charges if the replacement remedy presented by Stefano’s Espresso Care or the manufacturer is not desired by the customer. If an item is returned and not found to be defective, all shipping charges to and from the customer’s ship to address will be deducted from the credit owed to the customer. The determination of the defect can only be determined by Stefano’s Espresso Care with or without support of the manufacturer. The determination of the replacement depends upon the extent and magnitude of the defect. All defects on household equipment occurring after 5 calendar days of the invoice date will be covered under the respective warranty of the manufacturer or representative thereof.
This policy does not cover defects caused by user error or negligence, including, but not limited to not reading the owner’s manual or instructions included with the purchased item.
Adjustments are not considered defects. Temperature and/or adjustments on espresso machines are not considered defects when within the respectable range set forth by the manufacturer or Stefano’s Espresso Care.
Warranty coverage is only in effect for merchandise that is utilized within the boundaries of the continental United States. Customers outside the continental United States requesting warranty coverage are responsible for all shipping costs to and from the customer’s location to the manufacturer’s respective warranty center for the entire warranty period.
Exclusions to Extended limited warranty applicable to specific products on our web site.
The following exclusions apply to the product during extended warranty period:

    Purchases made on or before July 21, 2007 (these purchases have only a twelve (12) month warranty)
    Expendable items and items whose damage occurs as a result of failure to
    follow instructions that come with the product,
    b) Problems related to water damage, poor water quality, and scaling,
    c) Products for which the applicable serial number has been removed or altered,
    d) Any product that has been damaged or rendered defective as a result of
    accident, abuse, misuse, lack of reasonable and necessary maintenance/cleaning,
    neglect, faulty installation, mishandling, damage during shipment, line power
    surge or any external causes
    e) Operation of product outside the parameters stated in the user documentation
    that shipped with product,
    f) Usage of parts not manufactured by manufacturer,
    g) Modification or service by anyone other than Stefano’s Espresso Care or an
    authorized warranty provider
    h) Any acts of God, such as lightening, flood, or fire,
    i) The cost of installations or routine maintenance items, such as gaskets, o-
    rings, grinding burrs, and other normal wear and tear items,
    j) Usage of product in a commercial environment
    h) Extended warranty period is not transferable,
    Shipping costs to ship product back to Stefano’s Espresso Care
    On-site labor offsite from Stefano’s Espresso Care
    Shipping cost of parts to customer

Effective for purchases made on or after July 22, 2007, the parts and labor warranty is limited to manufacturer’s defect for a period of an twenty-four (24) months from the original purchase date. Exclusions to extended limited warranty.


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