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Note that there have been changes to the Silvia's construction over the years, so please pay attention to the part descriptions. Some parts have been discontinued, and other part numbers may have changed. The schematics pictured are from the latest version, the Silvia M. Not all of these parts will fit the Silvia M, and not all Silvia M parts will fit earlier models. To see schematics and part numbers from older versions, use the schematic link below.

Click on an image in the large window to see parts specific to that schematic. Click on the image again to open a larger image in a separate window.

Click here for PDF/printable schematics. Visit these links for a comprehensive line of cleaning supplies and accessories.

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Item: Rancilio Silvia In-Reservoir Water Softener

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $19.95

SKU/Part #: 69000313

Silvia In-Reservoir Water Softener

New Style Longer then the older version. 130x40mm

Uses rechargeable Cationic resins, which are the same resins found in commercial water softeners. If…

Item: Bottomless Portafilter Original Rancilio

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $64.95

SKU/Part #: 10071003

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 11

​Portafilter Bottomless Original Rancilio

Also called “naked” portafilter.
This item is factory cut, has a finished chromed edge and comes with 21 grams triple basket.


Item: Bottomless Portafilter for E-61 Grouphead

Price: $59.95 $54.95!

SKU/Part #: 50890

​Bottomless Portafilter

Also called “naked” portafilter.
This portafilter has a finished edge (no raw brass exposed) and is sold complete with a 21 Gram Triple Basket with…

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Item: Rancilio Triple Portafilter Complete

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $79.95

SKU/Part #: 10071131

Rancilio Portafilter Triple COMPLETE


  • Portafilter Body
  • Rancilio Handle
  • Clip for Basket
  • 21 gr. Basket
  • Open Face Double Spout

Item: Rancilio Portafilter Handle Kit

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $39.95

SKU/Part #: 10705091

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 15

​Rancilio “New Style” Portafilter Handle

NOTE: This handle can replace the previous version (V2), but it cannot replace very old style with the ridged handle.

Item: Rancilio Silvia Portafilter “Mini Spout”

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $55.00

SKU/Part #: 10070108-10070100

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 11

​Rancilio Silvia Portafilter Double

This Portafilter replaces the old style, which is no longer available. It is sold with a portafilter clip but does not include a basket.

Item: Rancilio Silvia Grouphead Gasket Soft

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $6.00 $4.95!

SKU/Part #: 36301030

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 7

​Silvia Grouphead Gasket

Original Rancilio softer compound. We also carry a firmer version which would be appropriate to use in groupheads where the inserted portafilter travels farther…

Item: Rancilio Grouphead Gasket

Price: $6.00

SKU/Part #: 2622

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 7

​Grouphead Gasket

This grouphead gasket is made with a firmer compound than the original soft gasket and would be appropriate to use in groupheads where the inserted portafilter travels…

Item: CAFELAT Silicone Grouphead Gasket Rancilio GREEN

Brand: Cafelat

Price: $7.95 $5.95!

SKU/Part #: 61005

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 7

CAFELAT Silicone Grouphead Gasket Rancilio GREEN

Please note that although the gaskets are strong under compression, you should never use a sharp tool like a screwdriver to install them.…

Item: Rancilio Shower Screen

Brand: Rancilio

Price: $6.95

SKU/Part #: 40200005

Schematic: drawing-b-rancilio-silvia-m

Position: 9

​Rancilio Silvia Shower Screen

Also called Dispersion Screen
Fits: All versions of Rancilio Silvia and Commercial Line.

Drawing A Rancilio Silvia M

Drawing A Rancilio Silvia M

Drawing B Rancilio Silvia M

Drawing B Rancilio Silvia M

Drawing C Rancilio Silvia M

Drawing C Rancilio Silvia M

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